Botti winery

It was founded in 1970 and is located in the municipality of Monte San Pietro, within the Colli Bolognesi DOC district .

The company is spread over approximately 15 hectares of specialized vineyards, cultivated with love for the land .

Production is currently achieved through the use of the best oenological techniques and the use of innovative agronomic concepts for the processing of grapes and musts. The objective is always and only the search for quality , respecting the typical nature of the territory, the vineyards and the wine.

The clonal cuttings come from the Tutzer and Rauscedo nurseries . The vines are grown in espalier with the spurred cordon system .

botti-pignolettoclassico pignoletto classico

Wine obtained with grapes coming from the more restricted historical area of ​​Pignoletto dei Colli Bolognesi. In the superior classic
version it finds great expression for those looking for still white wines with good structure.

It has a yellow color and the scent is delicate and floral. The taste is dry, harmonious, with a persistent structure.

botti-pignolettofrizzante pignoletto frizzante

Wine obtained with grapes coming from the traditional Colli Bolognesi production area.
In the sparkling version it represents the best known type in the territory of origin.

It has a yellow color with greenish reflections; the aroma is fruity; the taste is dry and harmonious.

Ideal as an aperitif, with delicate first courses and mixed frying.

booti-chardonnay chardonnay

This wine was born from the intuition of combining two great grapes typical of the area but little known in purity
which, thanks to their different characteristics, create a wine with a particular taste. Simple, but unique.

It has a yellow color and the scent is delicate and fruity. The taste is dry and savory.

Ideal pairings
with vegetable-based first courses and cold summer dishes.

barbera barbera

It is an indigenous wine of ancient tradition and of great importance in the Bolognese hills. The peculiarities that the territory attributes to this grape and which differentiate it from other areas, make it a historical product of the company's production.

It has a red color and the scent is floral with hints of violets. The taste is structured and slightly acidic due to its typical nature.

Ideal pairings
with stewed second courses and stews.

botti-barberafrizzante barbera frizzante

Barbera, a historic wine from the Bolognese hills, has always found its place in local culture.
In the sparkling version, its organoleptic characteristics blend harmoniously with the typical features of Emilian cuisine.

It has a red color and the scent is typical of red fruits. The taste is harmonious and fresh.

with tagliatelle with meat sauce, cold cuts and grilled meat.

botti-cabernet cabernet sauvignon


This grape, used for its many characteristics, finds an excellent climate in the Bolognese Hills to express a wine of great complexity. The organoleptic aspects are enhanced by the microclimate of the Bolognese hills and the characteristics of the soil.

It has a red color and the scent is reminiscent of pepper and spices. The taste is tannic and well structured.

Ideal pairings
with game, braised and stewed first courses.

merlot merlot

This internationally known grape finds its territorial identity in the Bolognese Hills.
The organoleptic aspects of the wine are enhanced by the characteristics of the soils of the Bolognese hills, which
differentiate it from that produced in other areas, creating unique aromas.

It has a red color and the scent is reminiscent of undergrowth fruits. The taste is soft but well structured.

with red meats, fillets and cuts.

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