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Osteria del podestà

Via Orefici,21- Bologna

+39 051 273829

The Osteria del Podestà was born from the idea of three friends from Bologna who, after wandering around all the clubs in Bologna, decided to open, from the ashes of a historic oven, a place where the dishes to be tasted were only those of the culinary tradition of the Bologna area.

We decided to call it Osteria del Podestà for two reasons: the first, to honor the personality who, in the Middle Ages, were part of Bolognese life. The Podestà was, in fact, the highest civil office in the city government.
The second, because a place with this name did not yet exist in Bologna.                 

Inside the Osteria you will find, affixed to the wall, paintings and photos that represent the celebrities who have built the artistic, musical and sporting history of Bologna, this creates an ambience that let to perceive the tradition and lifestyle that made the city famous.


Good food, excellent wines, cheerfulness and good humor characterize our restaurant, now a point of reference and meeting place for both tourists and citizens.

You can spend a few hours in good company drinking, eating, chatting and laughing, without worries: this is the atmosphere in which you are immersed when you decide to stop at the Osteria del Podestà ... this is Bologna.


Photo: Podestà Palace in Piazza Maggiore, Bologna by photographer Massimo Matera