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Osteria del podestà

Via Orefici,21- Bologna

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 Who are the Unici?

Here's what the guys Unici write about the team:

The Unici is a soccer team, it is a single thing, a group of true friends who, after so many years of victories and defeats, decided - having regard to the not so young age - to continue to kick the ball into amateur categories giving themselves the name of UNICI.

After a few years, however, the labors were overcoming the fun and the always serene environment was clouded over. But after the storm the sun always returns. A sun that, this time, has a name and a surname: Fausto De Rosa, the Super President.

Fausto's passion, his help and his ambitions have rekindled the flame; and that poetry that was fading, it came back stronger than ever in the rectangle of the game, so as to rejuvenate those successful old men who now run like kids.

These are the Unici: a mechanism full of gears that when it turns sounds poetry.


the five-a-side soccer team Unici

Photo credits: photo 1, the five-a-side soccer team Unici, sponsored by Osteria del Podestà; image 2 the logo with the date of the foundation of the team;

image 3, logo on the T-Shirt in Pop-Art style


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Osteria del Podestà

The Osteria del Podestà awaits you on Via Orefici - also called La Via delle Stelle (Boulevard of the Stars), the most fascinating tourist area of the Quadrilatero Bolognese. Here you can taste the typical Bolognese cuisine: from Lasagna to Tortellini, from Tagliatelle with Ragù to Salumi and Cheese platters from all over Emilia, accompanied by a good glass of wine. In addition to the outdoor tables positioned along the "Via delle Stelle" promenade, you can also take advantage of our internal rooms.