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Osteria del podestà

Via Orefici,21- Bologna

+39 051 273829

to the heart of the people

The people from Bologna - which you can call Bolognesi - are famous for their hospitality.
Cordiality, cheerfulness and sociability are the traditional values handed down from person to person, from family to family, from one generation to another.

We carry within us the desire to communicate and the desire to make everyone feel at home.

In addition, the Bolognesi founded the first University of the Western World (1088 AD) and made the city a desirable destination, bringing people from different countries to create a cosmopolitan environment.
Everyone was welcome and, even today, tourists feel at home when they are in Bologna.

The city enters into your heart, perhaps because the Bolognesi offer their hearts.
We love transmit our traditions and we do it through food, kindness, hospitality, a smile and a cheerful atmosphere.


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