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Osteria del podestà

Via Orefici,21- Bologna

+39 051 273829

prepared as per tradition

Our pasta is made daily by "Sfogline" in a fresh pasta workshop in Bologna. Who are the Sfogline?
There is no translation for the word "Sfoglina", which means woman who makes dough by hand. It takes its name from "sfoglia", which is what results after spreading the dough with a rolling pin until it becomes as thin as a sheet.

In truth, the Sfoglina - in the plural Sfogline - is a Master of pasta. First knead, then roll the dough with a rolling pin and finally cut the dough (and in some cases fill it) depending on the type of pasta she are preparing.

The figure of the Sfoglina is tradition.
Fresh handmade pasta is also tradition and, for us, a duty and a pleasure to be enjoyed by our customers.


What are you seeing in the photo? On the left, tortellini in the broth, the typical dish from Bologna.